Junior Tennis Clubs in Southeastern CT, at The VAT!

Junior Developmental Program

Vitale Aquatic and Tennis’s red clay tennis courts offer a variety of youth tennis programming from beginner to high level performers of all ages. Whether your child is just starting out or ready to take on a championship level tournament, we have a program for them!

Our goal is to get your child active and develop a love for the great sport of tennis!
Our younger junior groups are designed to introduce and advance a player’s knowledge and skills. It is geared toward learning the lifetime sport of tennis in a fun and rewarding way!

Junior Tennis Clubs Southern CT

Our more advanced junior players are grouped according to skill and individual goals. Even though they may practice at different play and skill levels, we stress that they are all on a team. The different skill levels often mix, for an increase in different playing experiences, keeping all young players feeling challenged and motivated!

Tiny Tennis Pups: Ages 5-6

Start you child in a game for life! Our goal is to keep your child active and help them develop a love of the sport of tennis!

Tiny Tennis Pups 1: Ages 5-6: Emphasis is on basic athletic skills; jumping, hopping and lateral movement. Balance, spatial awareness and depth perception skills are introduced.

Tiny Tennis Pups 2: Ages 5-6: Emphasis is on tennis skill fundamentals and development. Start of match playing skills; rallying and serve. Focus on split step and lateral movement.

Future Stars: Ages 6-10

Start your child in the lifetime love of tennis in a fun, positive, active and safe environment and watch them excel in age appropriate games and drills. This program provides expert instruction that simplifies the game of tennis so your child will enjoy the sport from the moment they step foot on the soft dirt of the courts!

Future Pup Stars 1: Beginner level: Emphasis is on fundamentals of forehand, backhand, serves and volleys. Teaching match skills; rallying, scoring and tennis etiquette. Split step and lateral movement emphasized.

For movement to next level, these skills must be demonstrated:

  • Rally the ball over the net 10 times on a 60 ft court
  • Serve 50% of the balls on a 60 ft court
  • Listening and cooperation skills

Pup Stars: Intermediate level: Students should be able to rally, serve and keep score. They will be encouraged to play Junior Team Tennis! This is where the fun of playing begins! JTT matches are Saturday afternoon and they will need to commit to 2 group clinics per week. Stroke production, including correct grip, ground stroke, volleys, serves, net play for both singles and doubles, match play tactics, footwork skills, decision making, and sportsmanship skills are emphasized.

For movement to next level, these skills must be demonstrated:

  • Volley the ball from the net back and forth to a baseline player
  • Hit cross court rallies at least 10 times on a 60 ft court
  • Hit 60% of serves on a 60 ft court

Future Top Dogs: Advanced level: Students encouraged to play Junior Team Tennis and attend 2 group clinics per week. Here is where they will learn to hit top spin, overheads and serves, proper stance, diagonal movement patterns for ground strokes and volleys.

For movement to next level, these skills must be demonstrated:

  • Rally the ball over the net 15 times in a row
  • Hit 60% serves
  • Play tournaments
  • Execute simple match tactics like hitting down the line and cross court shots

High Performance Top Dogs: Ages 11 and older

This training group is for those students that are ready to make an increased commitment to the sport of tennis. Whether it is playing tournaments, playing in high school or having a goal to someday play in college, these athletes will be members of the Junior Tennis Team, and have the drive to participate in practices 5 days per week, including at least 2 clinics.

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