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Aquatic Programs In Ledyard, CT, at The VAT

At Vitale Aquatic & Tennis, we offer numorous swimming programs in Ledyard, CT, including an aerobic workout, masters swimming and open swim! Call 860-230-1473 for more information.


A great low-impact workout! If staying in shape is your goal, you can’t do much better than a 45 minute water aerobics workout! Rock out to your favorite tunes while burning away the calories and making friends in the process!

Our program is 45 minutes to one hour in length and begins with flexibility exercise to help prevent injuries to the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. A 20-minute aerobic workout follows. Water aerobics lessen the impact on the joints and help cool the body during exercise. The water resistance improves muscular strength, and movement through the water improves flexibility. Last, but extremely important, is the cool down to help return the blood from the working muscles to the brain, lungs, and internal organs, and to help prevent fatigue and muscle soreness later.

Join in up to 12 classes per month! Only renewable until you want to stop! However, once you try it and reap the benefits of water exercise, you really will not want to give it up!

Aquacize: Non-Member Package –

Non-Member Pricing: 10 session package for $120 (all sessions must be used in 1 month)

Non-Member Drop In Rate: $15

Aquacize: Member Package –

Member Pricing : 10 session package for $50 (all sessions must be used in 1 month)

Member Drop In Rate; $5

swimming programs in ct

Masters Swimming (Coming soon)

Interested in continuing your high school or college swimming experience? Looking to train for that next triathlon? Just want to keep in shape by participating in an organized swim practice? The VAT’s Masters program is designed for individuals 18 and older who are interested in just that! The goal of this program is to improve athletic performance. Whether technique, speed or conditioning is your goal, The experienced staff at Vitale Aquatic & Tennis will help you maximize your potential! Swimmers of all abilities are encouraged to join. There are no prerequisites or try-outs for this program.

Member Pricing: $45 per month

Non-Member Pricing: $129 per month

swimming lessons in ct

Open LAP Swim

Members Only

Need time for a relaxing swim? Enjoy an early morning swim to begin your day or an evening swim to rid yourself of the days tensions!

swimming lessons in ct

Vitale Aquatic and Tennis (The VAT) – Located At 14 Iron St, Ledyard, CT 06339. Your premier location for swimming programs in CT near Preston, Groton, Uncasville, and North Stonington, CT! Learn about the Thames Aquatic Club, swimming lessons, pool hours or pool rentals. Contact us at 860.230.1473.